Saturday, October 30, 2010

painful memories

As the memories run through my mind
I start to feel weak
my heart starts to ache
as I fall to my knees

The pain is almost to much to handle
making it hard to even breath
the tears start to come faster
as everything we did becomes all I see

I've tried to undo the memories
I've tried to unfeel your touch
but how can I when all I think about is us

You held me up
i could smile without the pain
now my heart is broken
and I'm falling to fast
my life is drowning
soon it will be over
i know at least your happy
shes allot better then me
pretty ans smart
the things i can never be
i cried a million tears
but it had no affect
nothing in the world can bring you back
i hold the gun
i hold the trigger
with a folded note in the other hand
with your name of the top
hopeing you'll comeback and find me
read the note and tell me
why you left me
all alone
my heart is broken
along with my bones
i pull the trigger
knowing this is the end
and with my last breath
the words i love you escape
the blood drains fast
i fall to the floor
my tears keep falling
my pain will soon be gone
the room is spinning
my life is fading
my pain is gone
now i am too
please be happy
do not cry
you have what you always wanted
and destroyed someone else's life.

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