Friday, October 29, 2010

Confessions to you my friend,
Confessing all from my heart;
I miss you a lot darling,
I wanna hold you in my arms...

I wanna hug you like i never did;

I wanna show you the love i have,
I wanna see your smile in front of my eyes;
I wanna hold your hand under this twilight...

' look at the moon what do you see? '

' it's so beautiful that's all i can see '
You smile as you say;
I smile back; and turn my face away;
Am i shy? Or am i sad?
You question and you wonder...
But i won't say a thing;

You come close to me and whisper in my ears,

' just don't leave me; forever just stay near '
I hold you in my arms again;
Letting you feel it's warm embrace;
Each and every heartbeat you feel;
It's the moment we're sharing underneath...
I whisper in your ears,
' i can't and i won't;
You i just can't let go;
I love you from deep within my heart;
Just cherish it if destiny tears us apart '

You move you fingers across my lips and say ' I'll bring you back dare if you go away '

I smile back; i realize I'm important to you;

Ff... The alarm clock ticks up and I'm awake from the wonderful sleep;
In which all the night i was with you and you with me...

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