Saturday, October 30, 2010


I miss you,
The way you made me feel,
Like I was living in a fantasy...
And none of it was real.

I miss you,
Your soft, tender touch,
Sweet and innocent
I can honestly say that for only you do I care this much.

I miss you,
Your gorgeous little smile...
One I can sadly say,
I haven't seen in a while.
I miss you,
And our little walks,
When we would leave everyone,
And go off for our secret talks...

I guess it's safe to say,
That I miss you a lot...
And it's safe to say
You shall not be forgot...

It hurts to know you are with her and not me.
It hurts to know that she is in your arms laying beside you and it's not me there with you.
It hurts to know you tell her you love her when you don't mean it.
It hurts to know she has you and i don't.
It hurts to know she can look into your eyes and smile when i wish it was me that wants to be there.
It hurts to know you talk to her about what we should be talkin about.
It hurts to know that you want to be with me but won't give me the opportunity to show you my love.
It hurts to know that i love you so much but can't find the feeling anymore.
It hurts to know we have to date other people to get rid the pain.
It hurts to know that we have to put everything behind us then to show our true feelings.
It hurts to know that i can't have you.
It hurts to know we both have moved on but won't admit it to each other.
it hurts to know that all the pain is going away.
It hurts to know i can't make you come back to me.
It hurts to know one day we will be together but right now it's to soon.
It hurts to know we both know it's not going to happen.

I miss you holding me,
It gets so lonely at night,
Right side of my bed is cold,
Baby I need you to hold me tight.

My place is so empty,
Your clothes left memories on the floor,
I can't cope with the fact,
That you're not here anymore.

You deodorant is still in my bathroom,
And I can still smell you,
Do you have any idea?
Of what you're putting me through.

Your voice still haunts me,
Your face I can still see,
I can't stop thinking,
Of all we were to be.

You could write a thousand letters,
But it wouldn't safe me from falling apart,
Could say a million words,
But they wouldn't heal this broken heart.

And all the gifts you sent me,
Sit un opened and un touched,
It hurts too much to breathe,
Baby, I loved you that much.

And you're all alone now,
Sitting on the inside looking in,
And I want to say so much,
But can't find where to begin.

We're two lost souls,
But you don't feel an ounce of pain,
Because I'm the one you hurt,
The one you left cold in pouring rain.

And I could spell in the skies,
Sit it in front of you,
Could imprint it in your mind,
But it still wouldn't get through.

Because you never loved me,
Yea, you just don't care,
So I lie here broken,
Whilst you're lonely over there.

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